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Install SSL Certificate to gain customer’s confidence to maintain good relationship and improve conversion. We are sharing some advantage of having a SSL Security Certificate, What It Is And Why Your website Needs One?

If you are a regular visitor of some specific websites or any websites then we hope you have noticed that some website URLs start with HTTP. On the other hand, some website URLs start with HTTPS. So the “S” in the website URL denotes Secure encryption which is only guaranteed with the help of an SSL certificate. It is one of the most common things among most of the websites which lets the user provide some sensitive information like home address, credit card information as well as financial data.

Earlier the people were not aware of this but now most of the website visitors understand. Even the new internet users are totally conscious about the online frauds which are happening these days. it is important for all the users to determine whether the particular website is using the secured web connection or not.

Do you know that most of the e-commerce websites are facing data breaches and the cases are rapidly growing? If your site doesn’t have an SSL certificate then your customers or the regular visitors of your website may face higher risk where their data may be stolen. This is where the SSL certificate is mandatory for all the websites.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL certificate, also known as Secure Sockets Layer is a standard security technology that helps the website to move from HTTP to HTTPS that is more secure. It is basically a data file that is hosted on the origin server of the website. Now if you are one who doesn’t know how to install an SSL certificate then there is nothing to worry as the website design company will install the SSL certificate for you. However, you can also install an SSL certificate yourself. You can obtain an SSL certificate for your domain directly from a Certificate Authority (CA). You’ll then have to configure the certificate on your web host or on your own servers if you host it yourself.

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What are the benefits of an SSL Certificate?

Following are the key reasons why do your website needs an SSL Security Certificate for online security and privacy:-

SSL maintains website security

The prime function of an SSL certificate is true to maintain the customers’ data privacy or online security. It ensures to protect the client-server communication. When you install SSL on your website all the information is being encrypted.  When you and your customers are dealing with some sensitive data like passwords, addresses, credit card numbers, and other information the SSL will help you in protecting against the malicious activity that is done by the hackers.

Improve search engine ranking

Google has made changes in its algorithm in the year 2014. It has given more preferences to those websites which are having HTTPS. When the SSL certificate is installed on a website the Google will notice that the site is secure and it will display a trust indicator in the address bar which will increase the SEO ranking.

Increases the trust of the customers

When you install the SSL certificate on your website it will show a trust indicator which is also known as a padlock. This trust indicator instantly shows that the website is safe and secure because of the SSL encryption. Not only this but also the SSL encryption does the function of a visual indicator for the visitors of the website and makes them believe in the security of the authenticity of the website where they can easily share their information.

SSL certificate offers authentication

An SSL certificate is not just encryption but it’s basically an authentication. The customers or the visitors can be sure that they are sending their information on the correct server. There are even some websites that pretend to be a genuine platform for visitors who ask to share their personal information. But the SSL certificate will help in protecting the users from hackers who are trying to steal the information.

Enables to maintain PCI compliance

There are many ways for the users who can make the payment on the websites or online store. But not all the website follow the secured and strong practices when it comes to payment processing. Do you know that some of the websites also hire third parties to handle the same?

But if your website has HTTPS it will make sure that all the data will be encrypted. This means the hackers on the phishers can’t get your credit card details, address information, or login data.

Provides safe browsing of website experience

Google has made SSL certificate installation mandatory, especially in the Chrome browser. These days the websites that are not having SSL certificates are flagged by Chrome as they think it is unsafe for the visitors. After Google has made this policy mandatory, many other browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Firefox have started following the same rule. Because of this most of the website developers and designers are advising the online entrepreneurs to install an SSL certificate on their website to block the misleading activities.


How would you feel if the browser will show someone that your website is not secure? This is because it is the new rule made by Google if you don’t have an SSL certificate installed on your website. Of course, you don’t want that.

The SSL certificate will let the users know that your website is safe, secure, original and it’s free from phishing activities. Also, the cost of an SSL certificate is not that high and you can easily install it by taking help from your hosting company. So what are you waiting for? Protect your website and stay ahead in the race with the help of Qriyas Web Enterprise.

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